"Gem hunter and jewelry maker."

Designer Nicolò Villa hails from a dynasty of Milanese jewelry artists and craftsmen that dates back to the late 1800s. And while Milano bequeathed to Nicolò a sense of sober elegance and passion for art, his formal training began in New York, where he graduated from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America.
Following a brief stint at an important auction house, “real life” came knocking on the door, which opened on 47th Street and Manhattan’s legendary Diamond District, the nerve center of the world’s diamond and jewelry trade.
Nicolò, as scion of the illustrious Villa family, whose historical boutique is still operating on Via Manzoni in Milano, was ushered into the heart and soul of the industry. He soon made contact with an endless cavalcade of gem cutters, goldsmiths, brokers, salesmen. And precious stones.
Nicolò then spent the next few years working at the family’s store in Milano, and it wouldn’t be long before he began experimenting with his own, singular vision of what jewelry should be. He yearned to create something that would stand out, flaunting a fresh and contemporary style, an expression of luxury yet essential.
This was the concept Nicolò developed for a new generation of customers, for whom jewelry embodies values different from those shared by their predecessors. The times made way for a new market – cosmopolitan and interconnected – where people reclaimed their longing and passion for jewelry, which they saw as an expression of their own personal identity. Jewelry that combines high-quality craftmanship with original esthetic. Jewelry as unique as the people who wear it.

Nicolò is a born experimenter, descendent of Benvenuto Villa, a late 19th-century jeweler, sculptor and alchemist, who, like all the great minds of his age, was fascinated by the nature of dreams. His was to create black gold.

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